The Streets of Bath (2)

Images of the streets of Bath, photos are ripped from video footage from car roof mounted Gopro.

Page 2

Charlotte Street
Chaucer Road
Cheap Street
Chelsea Road
Cheltenham Street
Chelwood Drive
Church Lane, Freshford
Claremont Road
Claude Avenue
Claverton Down Rd

Coalpit Road
Combe Road
Corn Street
Coronation Avenue
Crown Hill
Crown Road
Darlington Street
Dartmouth Avenue
Devonshire Buildings
Dorchester Street

Eastbourne Avenue
Eastfield Avenue
Egerton Road
Englishcombe Lane
Entry Hill
Entry Rise
Fairfield Avenue
Fairfield Park Road
Forester Road
Fox Hill

Frome Road
Gay Street
Gays Hill
George Street
Great Pulteney Street
Green Park Road
Grove Street
Guinea Lane
Hansford Square
Harley Street

Haycombe Drive
Hayesfield Park
Henrietta Gardens
Henrietta Road
Henrietta Street
Henry Street
Herbert Road